RV & Boat Covers

RV & Boat Covers

boat coverWe’ve Got You Covered No Matter The Size. From an RV to a boat to 30 ton of Hay or outdoor equipment, VersaTube carports, RV Covers and shelters keep your Investments covered. We use 2″ x 3″ heavy gauge galvanized steel tubing that can be configured to cover any area requiring shelter from the elements. Our buildings assemble easily on any level surface by following the instructions and by using the ground anchors provided in most kits.

Easy to install. Made to last. RV Covers and shelters are one of our most popular products – and for good reason. Pre-engineered for easy installation – most of the work has been done for you. Our patented swaging process produces unique “Slip-Fit” connections that speed up frame assembly. Apply the painted steel roofing, siding if needed, trim and your project is complete. Or let our professional crew install your building for you!

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Building Highlights

  • rv coverAll-steel framing system uses primarily 2″ x 3″ heavy gauge triple layer galvanized steel tubing that is resistant to rust, fire, termites and rot.
  • Patented “Slip-Fit” connections contribute to the ease and speed of assembly.
  • With 67% of all steel recyclable, this is an environmentally-sound building system for the DIY consumer.
  • Features a 3:12 roof pitch and engineered to address local Ground Snow & Wind Load conditions. We can order engineering calculations and/or stamped drawings if required for permitting.
  • Compact packaging makes for more cost-effective delivery and storage.
  • Available in either Frame-Only or Complete Package kits. Complete kits include all framing and hardware, plus painted steel roofing, sidewall and trim, written instructions to complete the structure. 
  • Let our professional crew install your building or buy it as a DIY Kit.